Rick Peterson

Bold, optimistic 2019 outlook fell flat

For What It's Worth

Before I closed the book on the past year, I went back and checked my first column of 2019 to see what words of wisdom I may have jotted down.

As it turns out, I came up short in the wisdom category. My bold and optimistic look at 2019 included four major construction projects that would be well underway by year’s end.

The four included tru Shrimp, Premium Iowa Pork, the National Guard Armory and the old Sharkee’s site. I was hoping for a better result than one out of four.

Premium Iowa Pork, now Minnesota Premium Pork, has its project well underway and the plant is expected to start operation this year.

The Armory project should see some activity as well this year. Tru-Shrimp ... well, that ship has sailed elsewhere. The Sharkee’s site development is anybody’s guess.


Bucket list for 2020 …

Moving on to this year, we’re just three weeks into the New Year and so far nothing has been checked off my 2020 bucket list. I am not the least bit concerned about my slow start. I’ve got 49 weeks to go.

I am pleasantly surprised at some of the reactions I have received with regard to my list.

The bucket list item about attending at least one Sunday service at 12 different churches in Luverne throughout the year has been the topic of conversation the most often.

Some find it interesting and may try it themselves, while others are placing bets on the number of services I actually attend.

In case you contemplate getting in on the action, the over/under is four. Who knows? Maybe I’ll see you in church next Sunday.


Greeting cards for deployed service members

I want to give a shout out to everyone who sent in or dropped off greeting cards for deployed veterans.

We ended up distributing over 600 cards, so thank you very much.


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