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1952: Hardwick Booster Club horse show well attended by participants, spectators

The following appeared in the Rock County Star Herald on June 12, 1952.


Horse Show At Hardwick Is A Success


Hardwick’s annual horse show Sunday proved to be a success with 48 horses and ponies being entered in the various divisions. About 400 persons witnessed the show.

Dale Shade, Luverne, won the parade class. Pearl Boehnke, Pipestone, placed second, August Jansen, Pipestone, third, and Hans Jensen, Pipestone, fourth.

In the men’s western pleasure class, Dale Schade, Luverne, came in first, Eddie Bokken, Dell Rapids, second, August Jansen, Pipestone, third, and Carl Staudenrau, fourth.

Eddie Bokken, Dell Rapids, won the stock horse class, with Merrill Mitchell, Jasper, placing second, B. Anderson, Pipestone, third, and Frank Facile, Jasper, fourth.

Winning the ladies western pleasure class was Pearl Boehnke, Pipestone. Eleanor Kringen, Sherman, was second, Judy Hutchinson, Flandreau, third, and Shela Hutchinson, Flandreau, fourth.

In the children’s musical chair division, Dale Facile, Jasper, won first prize. David Schuetts, Hardwick, second, Eleanor Kringen, third, Grant Kringen, fourth.

In the ring ride event, David Schuetts, Hardwick, won first place, Dale Facile, Jasper, second, and Dale Shade, Luverne, third. Ben Kringen, Sherman, won the Shetland pony class, Karen Kringen, Sherman, second, Herman Edmundson, third and Dale Facile, Jasper, fourth.

Judy Hokeness, Rushmore, won the pony class. Judy Hutchinson, Flandreau, was second, Eleanor Kringen, Sherman, third, and Shela Hutchinson, Flandreau, fourth.

Bob and Dale Facile, Jasper, won the scoop shovel race. The rooster race was won by Bob Facile.

Donald Larson, Slayton, was awarded the 500 pound calf, given by the Hardwick Booster Club.

Don Null with his trick horses and music proved very entertaining.

In the softball game played the previous evening, Edgerton won from Steen.

The entire event was sponsored by the Hardwick Booster Club.


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