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1877: Rose Dell Township created

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Rock County will celebrate its 150th Anniversary this year. The news will be the history of Rock County, townships, and communities. The following appeared in the Rose History of Rock County, printed in 1911.


County and Township Organization — 1870-1878 (continued from 05-07 edition)

Rose Dell

          The petition for the organization of Rose Dell township was presented by W. T. Vickerman and others, and the township was declared created by the country board August 17, 1877. Mr. Vickerman suggested the name, giving it in honor of a rocky gorge, filled in the summer months with beautiful wild roses. The gorge is situated on section 25, of the fraction, a few rods west of Mr. Vickerman’s pioneer home. The meeting to organize and select the first officers was held at the home of William T. Vickerman on September 4, 1877. Those who received government land titles in Rose Dell township:

         William D. Allen (18), Wallace Searles (32), Joseph H. Craig (4), Eugene A. Loomis (36r47), Anton Larson (26), Charles H. Tinkham (32), Charles S. Bruce (20), William T. Vickerman (30), Nels O. Wemark (14r47), Charles H. Vickerman (30), Sherman E. Hawes (34), William E. Stark (4), Jerome T. Daggett (20), Gunder Hanson (12), Marthia Gilbertson (26), Frank Walsh (8), Knud K. Steen (14), Thomas E. Vickerman (18), Henry B. Noble (34), Francis Weeliver (10), Horace E. Loomis (26r47), Peter H. Norvold (2), George A. Blanchard (20), John J. Vickerman (6), Thomas McDermott (30), George W. Ganfield (12r47), Joseph Bell (22), Hans Larsen (12), William J. McGowan (2r47), Thorvold O. Holm (10), Olaf T. Engebretson (10), George Carnegie (12r47), Ole G. Twenton (4), Frank Walsh (22), Wilber H. Spooner (28-32), Thomas Ganfield (14r47), Engebret H. Ellefsen (2), Ellef H. Ellefsen (14), Ole Gulbranson (24), George Ganfield (14r47), Christian E. Lee (24r47), Engebret Lee (24r47), John Milne (2r47), Ludwig Schroeder (10), Lawrence Connelly (6), Merrick E. Kidder (20), Ludvig M. Larson (26), George Bieber (2), Halvor Ellefson (14), Lars Haraldson (12), Anton Larson (26), Wells J. Willyard (24r47), Andrew Olson (12r47), John J. Vickerman (28), Thomas J. Vickerman (8), Howard Boice (24r47), William E. Stark (4), Martin H. Ansen (22), Ellen Halvorson (28), George W. Vickerman (18), James Carnegie (2r47), William H. Storts (14), Josiah Kimble (32), Swain Kittleson (24-28), Isaac A. Vickerman (2), Henry B. Noble (34), Norman F. Phillips (6), Syver Haraldson (12), George H. Carr (8), Marinuis Enger (8), Jane Hendershott (26r47), Jacob O. Tveidt (22r47), Ole A. Olson (12r47), Tollef Knudson (10r47).


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