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1874: Vienna Township conducts first town meeting Feb. 28

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Rock County will celebrate its 150th Anniversary this year. The news will be the history of Rock County, townships, and communities. The following appeared in the Rose History of Rock County, printed in 1911.


County and Township Organization — 1870-1878 (continued from 04-09 edition)


         The first step in the disintegration of Gregory township took place early in 1874, when Vienna withdrew. D. A. Hart, whose name headed the petition for organization, was responsible for the naming of the township. The commissioners authorized the organization on February 10, 1874, and named the residence of D.A. Hart as the place and February 28 as the time for holding the first town meeting. On that date the township’s first officers were chosen, as follows: Seth Mitchell, chairman; W. R. Stowe, Ole O. Haga, supervisors; W. R. Stowe, clerk; Nelson Mitchell, Sr., treasurer; Joseph McMulkin, assessor; D. A. Hart, Nels Attleson, justices of the peace; A. G. Lincoln, Ole O. Opsata, constables. The government granted patents to land in Vienna township to the following persons:

         Eugene N. Darling (31), Arne Arneson (18), Patrick F. Kelley (30), Sarah McNiel (28), Joseph McMulkin (34), William J. Moran (34), Henry Gastle (12), Levi Whitsell (32), Nelson Mitchell, Sr. (26), James Gillard (32), James H. Levery (26), Ole Nelson (18), Marget O. Opsata (18), Willis R. Stowe (24), Ole T. Opsata (20), Fred C. Fritsch (24), Knut Austensen (18), Andrew Johnson (20), Ole Olson (20), Halvor Rasmussen (6), James Halley (32), Kittil Olsen (14), Rasmus Engebretson (22), Mathilda Larson (4), Elisha B. Robinson (20), Iver I. Peterson (14), Hosea Ellis (34), Oliver Lincoln (28), Nathaniel Lester (12), Alvey H. Lester (12), Nels Atleson (8), Engebret Frederickson (8), Ole S. Hagen (4), Iver Tastenson (8), William O’Donnell (32), Hans J. Thomte (14), William Maynes (26-28), Gunder N. Remme (10), John Scully (12), Ole T. Berg (20), Tollef Opsata (22), Albert A. Campbell (28), Abraham H. Turner (2), William H. Glass (10), Hans J. Engebretson (4), James E. Devy (6), Ole O. Haga (22), Ole Amundson (4), George Lytle (34), Knud Nelson (14), Ole Helgeson (4), Ole Nelson (22), Rasmus Johnson (10), Sampson S. Start (30), Jacob J. Berg (8), Charles E. Kleine (24), Irving Smotel (6).


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