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1873: Mound Township starts out named as Gregory

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Rock County will celebrate its 150th Anniversary this year. The news will be the history of Rock County, townships, and communities. The following appeared in the Rose History of Rock County, printed in 1911.


County and Township Organization — 1870-1878 (continued from 04-02 edition)

Gregory (now Mound)

          The whole north half of the county, which from the earliest days had formed a part of Luverne township, seceded from the mother township in the spring of 1873, leaving Luverne with the boundaries it has at the present time. The action was taken on April 10, when the board of county commissioners authorized the six northern congressional townships to organize under the name of Gregory. The name was bestowed in honor of the Gregory family. The first town meeting was held May 2, 1873, in the stone house on the northeast quarter of section 35, in the present Mound township, then occupied by Horace G. Gregory. Gregory township is now a thing of the past. During the next few years after its organization the several townships comprising the mammoth precinct withdrew and set up governments of their own. The township became involved financially and when it lost its last bit of territory and its name, nothing was left to apportion among its offspring except a good sized debt.

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