Witness for Jesus

Built on a Rock

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works
and give glory to your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

I will never completely understand why God uses you and me as the primary examples of His good grace and mercy. Well, Jesus is the primary example but you and I are next in line. After all, we are merely human. We are not at our best every moment of every day. There must be a better way to introduce people to the Gospel other than through the words and deeds of those that call themselves Christian.

For example, wouldn’t it be more effective to just force people to believe? Faith could be placed in each person at birth. People need not hear the Gospel in order that the Spirit stir in their hearts to believe. People would have no choice; they would just simply believe. This might be more effective and expedient but it is obviously not the manner that God has chosen to make disciples.

Or, would it not be more convincing for God to write His name in the stars or create an undeniable miracle to impress even the most ardent of doubters? Wouldn’t this be a better plan to promote God’s will on earth through some kind of personal experience that could never be denied or refuted? Perhaps we might think this would be a better way, but again, this is not the manner in which God brings faith to the hearts of His people.

No, God has indeed chosen you and me as the means by which others come to know Jesus Christ. And, thanks be to God it is not by our perfect behavior or precise choice of words that brings others to Jesus. It is, in fact, by our sincerity and earnest desire to share the Good News of Jesus that helps others to seek the truth for themselves. By our words and deeds others see in us Jesus.

It is by God’s design that you and I are the very means by which the kingdom of God grows. If the words of Jesus are not on our lips then the Gospel will never be heard. We certainly don’t give others faith, but we do point them to Jesus. The Spirit then gives them faith.

Yes, this is a big responsibility. God could have done it differently, but does not. We might think of this truth in a manner that makes us fearful or overwhelmed with a burdensome responsibility or we might think in terms that this is a joyous opportunity to partner with God. Yes, we are partners with God in order that the kingdom might grow among us. Empowered by the Spirit we help to build God’s kingdom on earth.


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