What if ...?

Built on a Rock

What if the coronavirus keeps us sheltered in our homes for the next month, two months or three?

       What if I am diagnosed with Covid-19?

       What if my place of employment never reopens?

       What if I lose my business?

       What if I lose a loved one to the coronavirus?

       What if the coronavirus is an elaborate scheme of some type?

       What if there is no cure found for the coronavirus?

       There are a lot of “what if’s” that can be asked about the coronavirus. In all reality many of the “what if’s” that we ask will never be answered to our complete satisfaction.

       Let me ask one more “what if,” and maybe the most important “what if” question.

       What if God is using this to cause us to consider what really is critical? What if God’s has allowed this as a wake-up call for us to evaluate our lives from God’s perspective?

       Numerous accounts are given in the Old Testament of God allowing, or even sending, what seemed like devastating acts as a wake-up call to the children of Israel.

       *The book of Joel speaks of locusts eating everything as a wake-up call to Israel. 

       *Elijah stopped the rain for 3 1/2 years.

       *The Tower of Babel scheme caused God to change the language of all people, scattering them over the earth, all because of sin.

       *How many people did Samson destroy? All a result to cause Israel to know and trust God.

       What if God is using Covid-19 for us to consider our priorities specifically in relationship to Him?

       Is God asking us to “Be still and know that He is God” (Psalm 46:10)?   Many people are staying in their homes, avoiding others, not going to work, and not wanting to be around people, all because of the fear of what the coronavirus might do to them.  I wonder if we have the same concern about what God will say about us on judgment day.

       What if God is trying to get our attention or the attention of our neighbors or of our extended family, wanting all of us to consider what will happen when we stand before God?

       God is a merciful God, giving us opportunities to consider our ways, not wanting any harm to come to us. At the same time, he is just and holy and will not cheapen His grace by saying, “Well, you didn’t meet my standards, but that is okay.”

       What if God is trying to get your attention? What if you don’t live your life for Christ as the Bible describes? What if God is trying to open your eyes through the coronavirus?

       Are you listening?


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