Understanding what love is

Built on a Rock

Love is in the air due to Valentine’s Day.

Forty-seven years ago, a young lady walked into Calvary Baptist Church in Silver City, New Mexico, and I was awestruck with her beauty. As a 17-year-old boy I was convinced she was a girl I needed to know. We became great friends and soon were madly in love with each other, if puppy love is what you call true love. Now, after being married to this same lady for 43 years, our love is different. Not in a negative way but in a great way.

In those 43 years we have both learned a lot about each other. We learned what brings laughter to the other person, what makes the other person feels helped, as well as what sparks a flame of anger.

Even after 43 years of marriage, we both keep learning things about the other. A few years ago we discovered that what one thought was romantic was not considered romantic by the other. Maybe we are slow learners, but our love keeps developing.

Consider your love relationship with God. One day you read in your Bible that God is love, which is amazing. If you start reading His love letter to you, the Bible, you really start to understand what love is and how much he loves you. You start to understand what actions you take that offend him, or actions you take that hurt your love relationship with Him. 

You may know God loves you, but when you read that God demonstrated His love for you in that, while you were still a sinner, Christ died for your sins (Rom. 5:8), you start to understand His love better. To say you love God and do nothing to get to know him is like the factory worker who told his wife on their wedding day that he loved her and for 25 years had not told her again that he loved her. When asked why he never told her again that he loved her, he said, “When we got married, I told her I loved her and if it changes, I will let her know.” 

Yes, God so loved the world that He gave His only Son so you may have everlasting life with God. God has shown us what love is. Get to know the God who loves you with such love. 


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