A thankful person tastes joy twice

As the people of God came into the land that God had promised, God first instructed them to bring to the holy place a first fruits offering. A portion of what God had first given them was to be shared with the Levites (Priests), foreigners, orphans, and widows. As God had blessed them, they were to bless others. (Deuteronomy 26ff)

God also commanded the people to “celebrate with all the bounty that the Lord your God has given you and to your house.” (v.11) They were instructed to celebrate and remember all that the Lord had done. Certainly this is a form of what we celebrate in the holiday of Thanksgiving, isn’t it?

It has been said that “a thankful person tastes joy twice – once when it happens, and again when gratitude is expressed to God for the joy.”  I’ve always liked the idea that we can taste joy twice – once when it happens and a second time when we thank God. This is the true meaning behind Thanksgiving.

On this Thanksgiving holiday, as difficult as it might be, let us first share a portion of what God has given us. Let our Thanksgiving be shared. Secondly, let us give thanks to God who is bringing us through these difficult times. Celebrate all the good the Lord has done in our lives. Be thankful and taste joy twice.



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