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It all started two years ago when we noticed some damaged Sheetrock in the garage.   I didn’t mind. I’d grown used to looking at them — a loose corner here, a … more
I had an episode of sorts last week in the car wash. It started outside the car wash when I was waiting in a line of cars to wash my Trailblazer, which was so dirty I couldn’t see … more
We’ve all done it … made that “quick” trip to the grocery store for just a few items only to return an hour later still missing items from our … more
On Thursday night last week, my son went to bed a child and on Friday morning woke up a man.   Just like that. One day he’s 17 and a minor child. The next day he’s 18 … more
I was touched to see a Christmas present under the tree for me from my 17-year-old son in December.   It was crudely wrapped, as would be expected from a boy, but in my eyes it was … more
During my Farm Bureau trip to San Antonio (see page 2A), a memorable tour of a Texas cattle ranch offered a glimpse of true farming ingenuity. It's been so dry in Blanco County that … more
The unthinkable happened at the start of the coldest weekend on record.   “Mom … it’s cold in here,” hollered son No. 2 from the living room. He was … more
Next week marks the transition between 2013 and 2014.   In addition to wondering where the year went, the turn of the calendar prompts at least some personal response from most of us. … more
"Why does Jonathan always get to be at the top?" the sixth-grader asked, gazing up … more
Thanksgiving ushers in what we often think of as the season of gratitude.   Retail stores and online merchants would like us to believe “gratitude” means “buy our … more
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