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August … already! Right now is the best time to divide or move any type of peony. When you replant the tubers, the “eye” for next year’s growth will be very visible, and … more
In my last column, I talked about butterflies laying their eggs on host plants, and I mentioned monarchs on carrot foliage … I got corrected by a reader; swallowtail caterpillars eat … more
Well yes, I’ve been absent here for a few weeks. Trying to clean up an abundance of free organic matter (corn stalks) delivered by the flood, a trip to Michigan for blueberries and trying … more
A couple of plants that need immediate pruning are mugho pines and anything in the lilac family. The mugho pine new growth is called a candle, and I normally prune that back by three-fourths … more
My garden looks fabulous! I am ready to start harvesting broccoli and Romaine lettuce and have already been harvesting radishes, spinach and asparagus. Every crop is planted and growing well and … more
I am enjoying the color of tulips and daffodils blooming in my landscape and I want to add more for next year. I’ll take pictures of the areas so I know where the new bulbs will get … more
Last weekend we took a fast trip to Detroit, Mich., to visit our son and to hit one of the best garden centers I’ve ever found. If there is a new plant available, they probably have … more
I took advantage of last week’s great weather to get all the cool weather crops planted in my vegetable garden. I’ll remind you about the Candy onions we sell at the … more
Yes, spring is truly here!  Not every day is going to be 60 degrees and sunny … remember that spring is a transition from winter to summer, so we deal with lots of fluctuations in … more
First of all, I want to express my appreciation to those who attended my “Small Space Garden Class” on Saturday. I enjoyed sharing my experience and hope I inspired you to give … more
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